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Consignment Diamond Jewelry

Sell on Consignment:

Consignment Diamond Jewelry, understanding how Consignment works. We list your Diamond Jewelry on our websites and agree to pay you after your Diamond Jewelry has sold. Consignment sales depend on supply and demand. Consignment Diamond Jewelry – Jewelry Exchange Dallas has many sites that sell on consignment. As a result, loose diamonds, engagement rings, and fine Jewelry achieve the greatest exposure. If there is History attached to the piece a price war can cause an inflated value. This is by far the best solution and a win-win for all parties concerned. 

How do consignment Sales work?

There is a standard 15% commission on all Marketplace sales up to $100,000 and 10% from $101,000 and up. First we need to see the item to estimate its value. Then we take several pictures so we can market the item. Then we list the item on our consignment website to sell it. Selling on consignment takes a bit longer than selling for cash or at auction. As a result you can expect higher cash returns.

Get a Free Evaluation for your Diamonds and Jewelry:

Consignment Diamond Jewelry – Jewelry Exchange Dallas will give you a free jewelry evaluation so you can make an informed decision. Choose to settle for cash, sell at auction or sell on consignment for greater returns. We will never charge you anything to consign jewelry items unless we find a buyer. Have you shopped your items around at pawn shops or cash for jewelry stores? If so you have found out that they do not pay what you know your items are worth? The answer is consignment selling at Consignment Diamond Jewelry – Jewelry Exchange Dallas.

Out customers prefer to sell on consignment because it nets them more cash in their pockets. However; we are just as willing to pay cash for your Diamonds, Engagement rings and Fine Jewelry. We ask all our customers to first shop around to see what out competition is paying before coming to us. That way they are pleasantly surprised. 

Video on what is Consignment Stock: 

This video has way too much information for the average customer.
We have included it to demonstrate that this is a normal way of doing business for many businesses.

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