Black Card Postal Universal Box

Packaging Ideas for Handmade Jewellery

As we enter the run up to Christmas, now is a great time to update and refresh your packaging to make the best impression possible at this crucial time of year as the last thing you want is your packaging to let you down. So if your current presentation materials are looking a little tired, take a look at some of our boxes and packaging options which have been specifically chosen to suit all styles and budgets.

Postal Boxes for Jewellery

Our brilliant postal box range is aimed at the online retailer who is looking to keep costs down, with an inexpensive and light solution. These boxes qualify for large letter status, making them perfect for those jewellers who do the majority of their selling online.

Black Card Postal Universal Box

Black Card Postal Universal Box

The universal postal box above is a great all-rounder if you are just looking to buy one type of gift box, and is available in two different sizes. Alternatively, you can also choose from design specific boxes for bracelets, pendants, rings and more should you want something more suited to your type of jewellery piece.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

If you want a high quality packaging option, our beautiful wooden gift boxes may be just what you are looking for.

White Wooden Jewellery Boxes

White Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Ideal for special purchases, these substantial polished wooden boxes have a soft leatherette interior and protective cushioned base, so nothing is going to scratch your handmade jewellery pieces. Not only that, our latest range of white wooden jewellery boxes creates a very sleek and modern finish which won’t interfere with anything placed inside the gift box – and they also happen to look extremely stylish!

Leatherette Jewellery Boxes

For a classic and timeless gift box, look no further. Our traditional leatherette box range is a perennial bestseller which doesn’t disappoint, and combines a quality finish with a competitive price. Available in a variety of colours, this selection of gift boxes is extensive and includes both postal and standard options to cater for all requirements.

Black Leatherette Coin Box

Black Leatherette Coin Box

The newest additions to the range are coin boxes designed specifically to hold half sovereigns, full sovereigns and crowns, which are sure to be just as popular as the other styles within the collection – which include pendant boxes, cufflink boxes, earring boxes, ring boxes and more.

Kraft Recycled Jewellery Boxes and Gift Bags

If your environmental impact is at the forefront of your jewellery business, why not carry this through into your packaging with our kraft gift boxes and gift bags for jewellery?

Kraft Recycled Packaging

Kraft Recycled Jewellery Packaging

Made from natural coloured materials, these charming jewellery boxes are recyclable and 100% biodegradable, so you can really use them with a clear conscience. They make a great blank canvas for decorative ribbons and accessories in any colour, but also look great when teamed with natural jute and string for an understated, festive finish.

Soft Touch Jewellery Boxes

Finally, our elegant soft touch gift boxes are now available in a postal box version just in time to help with the strain of Christmas deliveries. Finished in a beautiful and sophisticated soft grey, these jewellery boxes offer a perfect unisex solution at an affordable price.

Grey Soft Touch Postal Boxes

Grey Soft Touch Postal Boxes

This ultra slim range includes necklace box, pendant box, earring box, bracelet box and ring box options, all qualifying for large letter status to keep costs down. No one will imagine that these stylish boxes are designed to be a budget solution, so make sure you take advantage of them.

Here at Cooksongold we have a gift box which will complement any jewellery design style and budget, so ensure your handmade jewellery pieces are perfectly presented by ordering your boxes and packaging today.

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