When it comes to giving an exceptional gift to a female, diamond studs are one of the most popular choices to go with. Aside from the fact that it contains a diamond, it also comes with a subtle type of beauty that makes one’s appearance just so unique. Diamond studs are a girl’s best friend because they can be worn anytime any day. A particular diamond stud can be seen as both casual and elegant or bold it all depends on how it is worn with any outfit plus, they usually come in different shapes and sizes which includes the heart shaped diamond studs and the round princesses which can be paired with a pretty little dress or with a gown. In other words, diamond studs are great for a day to day wear. Diamond studs usually come with a type of radiance that just transforms a girl’s face in a totally stunning way.

Seeing as diamond studs have been in existence since the 16th century, it just further proves that these have always been a girl’s best friend even far back in the days up on till now. Down from regular people to your favorite celebrities on the red carpet, these studs are worn by everyone. Bit of side note, it’s not just women these are made for, men as well but this article is focusing on mainly women so let’s just keep it that way. These studs do so much to one’s appearance down to complimenting a women’s earlobe which isn’t something you think jewelry would complement. That’s just how useful these are.

Female diamond studs come in different cuts and sizes, but we already covered that above. Aside the traditional earring which is fitted with just one precious stone, there is a bunch of other choices to go if you are looking to experiment a bit and go for something different.

When getting a diamond stud, something you need to consider is your budget. I mean, you won’t want to go for something which looks good but is way above your budget. Instead work with your budget before considering the size, color and the clarity. From the days of old, it has always been easy to get scammed when purchasing anything especially jewelry. This is even easier to fall for in this modern day of technology which is why you should ask for a certificate when the diamond stud is being sold to you. You should be all the more suspicious when really good-looking solitaire jewelry is being sold at half the price. Try to find out why this is happening.

You also need to make sure the studs fit perfectly and isn’t too big that it makes the ear lobe look droopy. This mistake is commonly made when one decides to go for a really big diamond without considering the size of their earlobe. When that mistake is made, it usually makes one end up looking really awkward plus it makes the jewelry end up looking weird instead of alluring.

Picking of the clasp isn’t really an issue but we still have to cover it. When picking clasps, butterfly clasps are the obvious choice for small studs, but they have a bit of downside, and that is, overtime they become loose which in turn makes them useless and then one day, you can’t find them because they must have fallen off somewhere. There is also the alpha back clasp which is actually more reliable as it can only be removed by squeezing the little levers which comes with it to the side of the fastener. Without squeezing, the clasp would get stuck at the end of the pin where a special cavity lies so even if the clasp gets moved, there is no way it would fall off the end of earring.

There is also the choice of screw backs clasps but these aren’t exactly the most comfortable when talking about comfy level but they make it up by being one of the most secured. When using this clasp, the fastener needs to be twisted into the pin of the earring which can take all day to achieve. But if you are the type that wears earring for the whole day then these are the best for you, seeing how secured they can be and how much of a hassle they are to put on.