The goal is for you to be able to exchange your diamond jewelry at an exceptional price.

Exchanging Your Diamond Jewelry

·         Exchanging your diamond jewelry requires your intimacy with the Exchange Policy for Your Diamond. Before trading in a diamond for another piece of jewelry, make sure you are familiar with the paperwork that came with the diamond stone upon purchase.

·         The next step is to select the right store to exchange your diamond jewelry if you are not exchanging it at the store where you bought it.

·         Then get the diamond appraised by a professional. Understanding the appraised value before hand Is required.

·         Pay close attention to discounts in addition to the trade-in price in order for you to determine the quality of the deal you are getting.

·         Make your diamond presentable before going to the exchange store. Or else the buyer gets a potential argument against you, automatically slashing the price.

Building Your Studs and Pendants

Do you have a ring with an ancient cut diamond that looks dull and less dazzling in comparison to the modern cuts? Probably it’s a bracelet you own which has a collection of lovely colors but in an ugly setting, and you are wondering what to do.

No cause for alarm because this post has got you covered. I have specifically outline how you may build studs of your choice to get desired effect like conversion to a diamond stud or to lovely diamond pendants.

How to build your own diamond stud and pendants

·         Consult a jeweler

To build your studs and pendants, you need to consult an expert.

Rather than abandon antique jewelry as scrap in a jewelry box, you may take your pieces to a reliable jeweler to build for you. There are several ways to rejuvenate old jewelry, and a creditable jeweler can make that happen.  Mix parts of different pieces and try to come up with a brand new design. The possibilities are quite many:

 You may turn a pendant into a ring; redefine a ring into a diamond pendant. You may also extract the diamonds from the bracelet of a diamond watch and convert them into diamond studs.

An unused engagement ring can be converted into a stylish ring or a diamond pendant. If you possess a collection of gold hoop earrings you no longer wear you may convert to a single unique diamond pendant or rather you make two diamond pendants for daughters.

Have it in mind that if you don’t like wearing rings, you can make a pendant with a future. Your choices are only restricted by your imagination and your jeweler’s skill.

There are other ways by which you can build your studs and pendants. These rank in prices and convenience.

·         Visit Build-Your-Own-Ring Websites

Some Websites offer powerful techniques to help design one’s ring online without vacating the comfort of one’s home! This technique the websites offer is referred to as Design Your Own Ring Feature. With this option, you will be given the chance to select your ring setting or your diamond. Once you make any selections, you are taken through the next steps.

Having chosen the setting and the stone, it remains just the final decision of the color and the ring size. For personal touches, you may add an engraving to the ring.

In the final stage you get to review the ring and see the cost of all the services including shipping costs, warranties and packaging.

Many reasons may lead to exchange of diamond jewelrybuilding of studs and pendants, but the most important thing to have in mind is that you gain something far more valuable.