So, it’s almost Valentine’s day once again and you plan on proposing to that special someone because, why not?! It is the season of love After all. But now, you get to the jewelry store and you are a bit stuck as have no idea what ring to choose as they all have a bit of that something special you need and definitely, you can’t buy everything there, I mean you could but that might be going over the top not to  talk of wasteful spending when there is actually an easier way to go about it.

That easy way is simply to build your ring and it’s not only rings you can build, mind you – you can also build your studs and build your pendants which is pretty cool if you ask me. So, let’s back track to building your ring, that one true ring to win the love of your love over to the married side. First thing you must consider is the type of diamond you want to be on your custom ring.


Building a custom ring takes quite a while to make. You probably thought it’ll take like a day tops but in some cases, it could take even up to weeks to make. This is why you need to start this process early so you can have your ring early enough to make that proposal happen on Valentine’s day.


The most important thing is actually knowing what you want, because you might think you want one thing but really, you want another and all that would just lead to you making the wrong choices which I’m sure you don’t want to happen.


When it comes to picking a diamond, there are a lot of options as it ranges from different shapes, sizes and characteristics. You could always consult a diamond expert, but should you choose not to, here is a different approach. You should already have an idea of the type of diamond you need or if don’t, then do a bit of research. Each diamond is different and has its own uniqueness plus there is also the issue of the price and the GIA rating. None of that really matters in the end though, as you should always follow your heart and get what the heart wants.


Choosing a cut isn’t the same as choosing a diamond. This basically how you want the diamond you have chosen to be shaped and there is always the option of leaving it uncut which some people actually do to give it a unique type look. There are different kinds of cuts which includes: oval, pear, emerald, Ascher, heart and princess. You are probably wondering how an uncut diamond would fit into the setting, well, it wouldn’t. It would just be placed on the band in its raw form.


If you thought picking a cut was tedious, then welcome to picking a setting which has even more options to choose from. There’s the Halo, cathedral, prong, Tiffany, shank, vintage, flush, tension, bar and so many others to choose from?


Another dilemma you might face is picking the perfect metal that goes with your choice of diamond. Normal store-bought engagement rings are usually made with silver, yellow & white gold or platinum. But the good thing about building your own ring is you can have any metal you desire to be on the ring, so go crazy with your choices but not too crazy. If I may suggest, it would be advisable to go for palladium, recycled metals, rose gold or titanium if you are trying to go for something not too basic and a bit rare.


It is advisable to request for a wax model from the jeweler, so you can be sure you are both on the right track and you are getting exactly what you requested for. You could also request for a sketch, but I think a wax model would be better seeing as you can hold it and notice every bit of detail in the design.

With so much things to consider, you must be thinking about changing your mind about getting a custom-made ring and just getting a plain regular ring from a store but trust me, this would be worth it in the end because the ring should be just as unique as the person its being made for. But keep in mind that this choice is totally optional as not everyone has the amount of cash and time to get a custom-made ring. If that is the case for you, you could always get a really special ring from the jewelry store as you would be able to find some quite unique rings there as well.